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How To Deep Fry Turkey

How To Deep Fry Turkey

Deep Fried Turkey Recipe. This delicious, alternative way to cook a turkey is an extremely popular dish in the United States, particularly around the Thanksgiving period. Enjoy our Deep Fried Turkey recipe.


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Step 1: You will need

  • 5 1/4 kg Turkey (patted dry)
  • 2 tbsp cayenne pepper
  • 1 40 litre (70 pints) cooking pot
  • 1 temperature gauge
  • 1 gas burner and bottle of gas
  • Approx 25 litres peanut/ vegetable oil -the produce less smoke than other oils
  • 1 metal handle or hook
  • 1 metre of wire for wrapping turkey
  • 1 Protective gloves
  • 1 Protective jacket
  • 1 Foam extinguisher (in case of an emergency)
  • 1 Large clean bucket -roughly same size as turkey
  • kitchen roll
  • 1 Pair of pliers

Step 2: Season the turkey

Begin by sprinkling the cayenne pepper over the top of the turkey, and around the legs, rubbing it in as you go. Then turn it on its side, sprinkle more cayenne and rub it in. Completely turn the turkey over upside down and sprinkle and rub the underside. Continue until the entire body has been well covered and rubbed.

Step 3: Make the metal handle

Video jug recommends the following option if you do not have a deep frying basket. Place the turkey on its head and begin to spear the wire through it, just underneath the breast, by the wings. Carefully pull the wire through, loop the wire around about three times to make a metal handle. Twist the ends of the wire around your handle so there are no sharp ends. It is very important to do a little test to make sure that your handle it totally secure when lifting up the turkey. Only when you are convinced that the handle is strong enough should you move onto the next step.

Step 4: Prepare the burner

The frying of the turkey must be done outside, in a dry and well ventilated area. Our gas burner is set on a level, grass surface, as this is one of the safest options. Make sure other people, especially children, and animals are kept away from the cooking area.

Step 5: Prepare the oil level

Half fill the pot with water. Then roughly half fill the bucket with water, which should represent the same weight as your turkey. Place the bucket into the pot to make sure the water does not go past the top of the bucket. If it does then discard some of the water. The water line will represent the quantity of oil you will need, so make a note of it. Then remove the bucket and tip away the water from the pot.

Step 6: Dry the pot

It is extremely important to thoroughly wipe the pot dry with some kitchen roll. You must not leave any water in the pot as hot oil and water can be a very dangerous combination!

Step 7: Add the oil

Pour the oil into the pot, to the level where the water was. Then light your gas burner to a high setting and place the pot carefully down onto the burner plate. Place the thermometer into the oil and allow the oil to heat to a temperature of 350 degrees. This should roughly take 45 minutes to an hour.

Step 8: Check the temperature

After 45 minutes, look at the gauge to see how hot the oil is. Make sure you have on your protective gloves and jacket. If the oil has reached 350 degrees, you're ready to fry. With the metal hook attached to the wire loop handle of your turkey, lower the turkey with extreme care, into the hot oil. Do this very slowly and be aware of any hot splashing oil!.

Step 9: Fry the turkey

Allow 3 minutes of cooking for every 500g grams (1lb), plus an extra 15 minutes at the end. Halfway through the cooking process check to see how the turkey is doing by briefly lifting it out of the pot, again using the metal hook attached to the wire handle. Then lower it back into the pot, for the rest of the cooking period.

Step 10: Check the turkey

Once the turkey begins to float to the top of the oil, allow it cook for the extra 15 minutes of the cooking. Once cooked, carefully remove your turkey out of the pot, give it a little shake to disperse the excess oil and transfer it back onto its platter.

Step 11: Serve

Before serving you have to remove the wire. The turkey is now ready to serve. Why not try serving with some golden, roasted potatoes? And perhaps a choice of vegetables. You can find great recipes for these right here on the Videojug website.