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How To Define Eyebrows If You Are Over 40

How To Define Eyebrows If You Are Over 40

Julia Biddlecombe, a top make-up artist who has names such as Lulu, Liz Hurley and Joan Collins among her clients, she shows us how to define your eyebrows to suit your face if you are over 40.

Step 1: You will need:

a light brown eye shadow
a small, short bristle eye brush
use a nylon brush. It's a firm brush to apply the eyebrow powder with ease.
and some eyebrow gel

Step 2: Choose a colour

Unless you have very dark hair stick to lighter coloured eye shadow like taupe or soft beige. If you are fair, blonde, or grey, use a warm beige. For darker hair colours, use a darker brown but never use black as it will look artificial.

Don't ever use an eyebrow pencil to draw in a line, it will look hard and unnatural.

Step 3: Fill in the brow

Use a small, short bristle brush to comb some eye shadow make-up through your brows. Eyebrow powder is an acceptable alternative.

Step 4: Set

Keep them in place with some eye brow gel. Starting from the inside, working outwards, run the wand through the brow.