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How To Delete A YouTube Video

How To Delete A YouTube Video

This video from Videojug demonstrates how to delete your video from YouTube. Also if you don't want to do something that permanent, this film shows you how to simply make your video private. So that only certain people can view it and then only with your permission.

I'm going to show you how to get the most out of social media. In this videoI'm going to show you how to delete a You Tube video. So the first thing you have got to do is go to your account.

Get logged in to your account. And on the top right hand side of your screen you'll see your account user name. If you click on your user name that will take you in to your list of videos.

So what you need to do is, once you've clicked on, my videos, you'll see a listing of videos on the screen and you'll see next to each video a check box on the left hand side of each video. So just click on the check box next to the video that you want to delete.

And the options that you'll have there is to how to make your video unlisted, which means that it will no longer appear on the directory, it means that people searching for it won't find it.

The only way that they'll find it is if you actually send them a link to the video. Or if you embed the video in your web page then people will be able to see it. But people won't be able to find it on Youtube.

com. The other thing that you could do is you could actually make it private. Which means that only somebody that you actually give the access, specifically give access to will be able to see that video.

Then the most thorough way of deleting it is to just actually delete it. Which means that even you won't have access to that video. What you do is once you've selected the delete button, then Youtube will actually ask you to confirm whether you want to go ahead with that and it will warn you that this is something that you can't undo.

But once that video is deleted the video will be gone and obviously any comments and links next to that video will be gone. Obviously if anybody has embedded that video in their web page that embedded link won't work anymore. Then go ahead, click on delete button.

And within a few seconds your video will be deleted. And that's how you delete a video on Youtube.