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How To Delete Search History

How To Delete Search History

If you want to erase all trace of which websites you've been visiting, and delete evidence of your online shenanigans, this film will take you though what you need to know to remove search terms.

Step 1: Internet Explorer

Go to Tools, and there should be an option to “Delete Browsing History. If there isn't, presumably because you're not an administrator, click Internet Options you should find an option to Delete History. Failing that, click “Settings”, and “View Files”, and delete the files by hand by highlighting them, and pressing ‘delete'.

Step 2: Firefox

Go to Tools, and click Clear Private Data. Select what you want to be rid of, and click “Clear Private Data Now”.

Step 3: Apple Safari

Go to Safari, and simply click “Empty Cache”. You'll get a warning, but just click ‘Empty'.

Step 4: The Easy Way

If you want to clean all unnecessary browsing junk off your PC, download Ccleaner from www.ccleaner.com – that gets rid of loads of stuff, including the search history on all installed browsers.