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How To Deter Foxes

How To Deter Foxes

There are several ways to deter foxes from running though your garden. Try using a chemical deterrent that you pick up at your garden center or try male urine. It may help keep them away.

With the advent of fort night bin collections and rubbish bags being left uncollected on the streets, one of the problems across the UK now is the growing menace of the fox in urban situations. Now, when they start getting into your back garden, the problem is that they start digging holes in your favorite flower beds. So, we have to start looking at ways to deter those foxes.

Now, in the old days, we used to put creosote soaked rugs down but creosote is now a banned substance. We're not allowed to use it anymore. There are, however, some wood preservatives that say 'similar to creosote' on them and these will have a limited effect.

However, if you go to your garden center, there are products such as Scoot, which you mix with water. Spray around where the foxes are coming through and this, again, will help deter the foxes. One of the oldest methods known is male human urine.

Now, if you've got enough to go around the outside of your garden, it may well be worth a try, particularly if the foxes are coming over into one particular area. You can try using wire along the top of fences to stop them jumping over. If they're continually coming in through one particular part of the garden or tunnelling under fences, put a stronger shale down or some more bricks into the holes and then, refill the holes with soil to stop them digging.

All of these methods, if the numbers of foxes are around in your gardens, then it can be very difficult to stop them, particularly if they're living and breeding in neighbor's gardens. These methods may go some way toward helping you stop them using your garden as a run and digging up your favorite flowers. Those are some of the ways to help deter foxes from running though your garden.