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How To Determine Hamster Gender

How To Determine Hamster Gender

This VideoJug film describes the best way to determine the gender of your hamster. In addition, several tips are given and hamster general myths are debunked.

How to determine sex of a hamster. Whether you have a male or a female hamster, to be honest, there's not much difference. There's a few myths that go around where they say the males are much more extrovert and the girls are much more introvert.

I find the more you handle your hamster, the more tame the hamster will be. A lot of people say that the male hamsters have a much stronger scent. As you keep clean that cage, at least three to four times a week, the hamster should not smell.

My advice to you, it's not necessarily important to know the sex of the hamster unless you're going to breed them. Make sure if you are going to breed your hamsters, make sure you have homes for their babies first. As I said before, there are plenty of rescue homes and new pet stores, so it's best not to breed them.

You will find, in rescue or at pet stores, you will find there will be babies together. Now as they go into their adolescence, the chances are they're going to be very territorial, so it's best not to keep them together. They will fight, and with some of them they will fight till death.

So, just in case, it's best to keep those hamsters singly kept. The way to tell whether your hamster is a male or female is to check the urinary area and the anus. Now, the two holes, if they're close together, the chances are it's going to be a female.

If the two holes are wide apart and have a quite a large amount of space, the chances are it's a male. It is quite hard as hamsters are quite small to tell for sure. So if you are in doubt, go to your local pet store or your vet.

Make sure when you are handling your hamster, you're nice and gentle so you don't cause any stress to your hamster. That's how to determine the sex of your hamster. I'm sure you've got plenty of more questions.

Either contact your local vet or give us a call in the store. .