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How To Determine Rabbit Gender

How To Determine Rabbit Gender

It can be nearly impossible to determine the sex of your rabbits without examining them closely. In this video tutorial, an expert in small animal care demonstrates the correct way to do this.

Hi. My name's Marie, and I'm the deputy manager of the small animal department at Wood Green Animal Shelters, and today I'm going to tell you how to determine rabbit gender. With me today, I have a male and a female rabbit, both who have been neutered.

I'm going to show them side by side, so that you can be able to see clearly the difference between the two. So we're just going to turn them over. First of all, when you want to check them, just have them in your lap, and just turn them over really gently onto their backs.

Now, this can be a little bit stressful for them, so try and keep them in a calm and relaxed state, and just talk to them gently. What do you want to do, is just move your hand over the top, so that the area is visible. With the female, you'll see clearly that there is no testicle on either side, and that there is just a vulva there.

With the male, on either side, you'll clearly be able to see testicles. If he's castrated, obviously you might not be able to, but when you push here, you can clearly see the penis coming out. So it's quite easy to be able to tell the difference.

In young rabbits, it is possible to sex them from the age of around six to eight weeks, but it's still advisable to check them every week, so that you are really clear and determined. They do need separating at the age of twelve to sixteen weeks, otherwise they will be able to breed again, so please be responsible and ensure you do separate them as soon as you reach this age. .