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How To Determine The Sex Of Kittens

How To Determine The Sex Of Kittens

In order to properly care for your new kitten, it is important to know its gender. This Videojug tutorial shows you how to easily determine your kitten's sex.

How to determine the sex of a kitten. Everything's easy when you know how, and it's very easy to tell. Find out the reason you need to know what the sex of your cat is.

Have you got behavioral problems? Are you scared that your cat might mate? Is your cat spraying? Unless you are going to mate your cats, it is advised that you do get them neutered. Make sure you don't mate your cat unless you know you have got good homes for the kittens to go to. There are thousands and thousands of cats in rescue homes, so please be sensible.

Be sensible and make sure you have homes for your cat's kittens before you even think about breeding them. Now, all cats have two holes. There's the urinary orifice and there's the anus.

If the two holes are close together, it's likely that your cat is a female. This is a female kitten. If there's a large amount of space between the two holes, your cat is most likely a male.

This is a male kitten. The best way to know for sure is to go to your vet or your local pet store. Normally, this area is quite visual when the cat is walking, but please be careful when you do go to look, careful of the area, be extremely gentle.

Make sure the area is always nice and clean, and always, when in doubt, consult your vet. And that's how to sex your kittens. I'm sure you've got plenty of more questions.

Either contact your local vet or give us a call in the store. .