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How To Devein Shrimp

How To Devein Shrimp

Expert fishmongers explain where their supply of fish comes from and how to prepare king prawns for cooking by removing their shells and deveining them.

Hi There. Welcome to Fin and Flounder. My name's Richard and I've got my colleague here, Paul.

We'll hopefully show you how to cut some fish and explain a little bit about the fish itself, where it comes from and many more things. We are fishmongers based in Broadway Market, normally we try to deal with UK coastlines, sustainable produce where possible. That means day boat-caught produce, that means line caught, and mainly using anything that is in and around our coastlines.

So anything from line caught mackerel, line caught pollock, maybe day boat caught cod or Icelandic cod. I am now going to take you through how to peel and devein a king prawn. These are actually French farm products.

Very simple. One of my favourites actually, I do love king prawns. Now just hold the body, take away the head which comes off and then you've just got to deshell it.

With your fingers just take the shells off, gently peeling them. Some people, when they are doing certain dishes, pasta dishes or other things, actually leave the tail on. I suppose for presentation it looks very nice or restaurants tend to keep them on, but depending on what you want to do, for me I'm going to take it off.

I'll show you another one. Quite simple. Head off.

Just where the lids are you can just get it from there. Just peel it from there, kind of come around with your finger. For this one I'll actually leave the tail on, so you've got two types.

The next thing I'm going to do, is I'm going to show you how to devein a prawn. Right, very simple. Literally just along the back of the prawn, it's dirt like, poo like if you want to call it.

Now dead centre there, use a sharp knife. Gently run the knife down and you'll find your little vein there which needs to come out. There we go.

That is a peeled and deveined prawn. I'll just show you once more, this is one with a tail on. If you actually press hard enough and go slightly further down, then the prawn becomes a buterfly prawn.

These are eaten in a lot of restaurants, especially some of the Japanese ones. They tend to put them in pan coat breadcrumbs and they deep fry. There you go, there's your butterfly king prawn, perfect for going in pan coat breadcrumbs and deep frying.

And that's your peeled and deveined king prawn. There you have it.