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How To Develop Communication Skills

How To Develop Communication Skills

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How to develop your communication skills. Communicating is something we all do, day in, day out. Whether we are aware of it or not, people are picking up cues from us about what we're like, what we're saying to me and a lot of it, most of it is, without words.

When you walk into a room, or when you meet someone, or come across someone new, they're be making instant decisions about who you are and what you're like, not based on particularly what you're saying, but more on what you're doing. They'll be looking at your nonverbal communication to begin with, so how you hold yourself. Make sure your nonverbal communication is strong.

How do you do this? You look someone in the eye. You smile. You look pleased to see them, and open.

Be open to what they're saying and listen. You can mirror that body language to get some report going. But staring and looking at someone right in the eye and really being pleased to hear what they got to say would immediately open up great communication channels.

How to communicate well involves really clear about what it is and you can deliver any message to anyone about anything and make them feel good, simply by being in a kind space when you're talking and really fully attending to the person you're talking. This will help enormously. It matters less about what you say, and much more about how you say it, as to how it will be received.

We know that people can really wind us up or make us really happy depending on how they talk to us. So, when you communicate to people, be clear, come from a kind, confident space, and be glad to talk to them, and they'll pick this up, stronger than your words. And when you're considering what you're speaking to people about, be really clear, be really gentle, and say what you mean, and mean what you say.

That's the essence of great communication. Developing good communication skills is an important part of everyday life. With practice, it can be done well.

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