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How To Develop Intuition

How To Develop Intuition

Have you ever had a gut feeling about something that proved as you thought? Yes? It is called as intuition. Learn how you can develop your intuition through this video.

I am going to tell you how you can develop your intuition. There is no quick way to develop your intuition, really. The way that I would advise people to do this is to actually join in a group or belong to a circle.

When you are working with other people, it is much easier to develop your intuition. There will be exercise that you can do with each other and you will be able to work off each other's energy. Sometimes, you find that you are working very fast with intuition, it may be that you have a run of days when everything seems to come to you, as if you know everything and everything goes smoothly.

Other days, sometimes, you find that you can't pick anything up and you get a bit despondent. Don't worry this is quite normal when you are trying to develop and you are using new scales of development and spiritual connection. Using your intuition on an everyday basis is a very good exercise.

Go with that feeling, sometimes we get that sense or feeling that something is not right with somebody, but we push it to one side because we don't want to think ill of someone. My advice to you is to always go with the first thing that comes to your mind; it is usually the right thing. You may also find that maybe when you are using your intuition; you get a sense or a feeling on a part of your body that let you know you are right.

For me, I get a little kick in my stomach here, my solar plexus, always there when I know that something is right or something is wrong and I use that to guide me on my intuition. Sometimes, we push things aside because we feel our imagination is taking over. There is a very, very fine line between intuition and imagination.

My advice to you is to go with the imagination and the intuition together because you find that you are right. If you want to really enhance your intuition, then there are many training courses. They are long, maybe a week or a 5-day course, and you can work within that environment for that, it will enhance your intuition and it will help in your pathway.

So, that's how really you can improve and work with your intuition. .