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How To Dip Dye

How To Dip Dye

Tie dyeing makes every garment unique, so garment specialist Turguy Mustafa shows the steps to make any piece of clothing special with the proper way of tie dip dyeing.

Hi, I'm Turguy Mustafa, doing garment dyeing for the last twenty-six years for Prestige Passion Dyers, and today, I will be giving you some tips about tie dye and garment dyeing. So, this is how, if somebody wants to dip dye, to create a dip dye. These nylon bags are actually done specially for us.

They're supposed to be much stronger and for the tie dye, for the dip dye effect. What we'll actually do, even though it was specially done, we will actually fold them in two, so instead of one, you get double the strength on the nylon bag, and this way, it helps the garments or protects the garment in the water better. So, we will actually put the elastic band on top of the nylon bag to seal it up completely as tight as we can and what we'll actually do is this is the end result for a dip dye nylon bag.

When it comes to a garment, obviously, we will again check to see which effect they want. Now, we can either use half of the garments vertically or horizontally, or we can just take a corner of it, or we can just take the middle part of it, so it all depends which effect they want. The place where they don't want dyed, we will actually hide that in the nylon bag and put an elastic band through the place where they don't want the garment to dye, exactly like this.

And this is the end result, obviously the part that was showing will take the color and the part that's not showing will stay in your original colour, it is. In a day on this process, you can use one or two ways of dip dyeing as well. What you can actually do is, if this is the first, obviously, dip dyeing, what you will do is you will dye it and you will put another elastic band into the place that you want that part to hide as well, and this way when you dye it again, obviously, you will have the first color, you will have the second color, and you will have the third color. .