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How To Dive Into A Swimming Pool

How To Dive Into A Swimming Pool

In this video, Paul and Theo shows how to dive into a swimming pool

Hi I'm Paul, This is Theo from swimminglessonslondon.co.uk

We're going to give you a few tips on swimming today. You're more than welcome to contact us for any more information or to book a session.

Thank you. Okay, so now were going to look at how to dive into a swimming pool. Alright so now were going to look in more detail about the starting and preparation position the grab start, racing start dive.

Okay, you'll notice in Theo first of all, he's knees are slightly bent. His hands are dropping down towards his feet, facing down towards the water. Now, just as he goes to the dive there will be a slight bend in the knee and he'll start to project his weight forward.

And, stretch. Now, you try and enter hands first, head down facing the floor. And now we're going to look at a struck start dive, slightly different from the first.

So if we'll look at Theo's feet and you'll see that one foot is in front of the other. Similar to that if you're starting a race in the Olympics in the track event. Both legs, both hands pointing down towards his legs, as before.

Similar sort of thing, you transfer, start transferring our weight down forward with a bend in the left knee here and then as he puts his weight forward and starts to go over the top of the water, pushes off of the front foot as well as the back foot. And, he goes forward now. Again, the objective is to get the hands entering first.

We want a slight angle of entry. We don't want to be flat. We also don't want to be too deep either.

It's all about getting that fine angle correct. So that was a little introduction on how to do dives, the grab start and the track start dive and a few technical points to take in to account. If you do want more ideas or tuition please go to us at www.swimminglessonslondon.co.uk