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How To Divide Decimals

How To Divide Decimals

John, a maths teacher, helps viewers solve maths problems such as how to divide using decimals. He gives a few examples on solving these types of maths problems.

Let's say you want to divide 20.3, you want to divide that by 3. Now this looks really daunting but actually, we can do something really simple to get over that.

213 is 21.3 multiplied by 10. So, if we just pretend that this is 213 and divide it by 3, it makes our problem a lot less difficult.

Now we just need to realize that 213 is in fact 71 multiplied by 3, to find out that this, is 71. We could use a calculator to do this as I suppose we could to do this but it's easier to see that 70 times 3 is 210, and 1 times 3 is 3, to work out this, rather than knowing that the answer is the following. Now we need to take the 71and divide it by 10 because here, we multiply by 10 to get to 213.

7.1 is now the answer to our original problem. Let's try another example.

Let's try 0.42 divided by 6. What we can do here is multiplying 0.

42 by 100 to give us 42. Now we are forced to divide it by 6, which is a very simple division, equal to 7. But we remember that we are not looking for 7 because we multiplied by 100 here.

To get the answer to this question, we need now to divide this number, 7, by 100, which gives us 0.07. and this is how to divide using decimals.