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How To Divide In Excel

How To Divide In Excel

How To Do Math In Microsoft Excel: Instructs you in the basic method for adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying in Microsoft Excel. Briefly explaining the proper symbols to use for math formulas, this video shows how performing math functions in Microsoft Excel can be easy and fast.

Hi, my name is Ghamza Jacobs. I'm an IT trainer with New Horizons in London. I'm here today just to show you a couple of cool little tips and tricks on Windows 7 and Office 2010.

How to do basic calculations in Microsoft Excel? When calculating within Microsoft Excel, one of the most important things to remember is you should always start with the Equals sign on the keyboard. The Equals sign always lives next to the Backspace key on the keyboard. I'll start that over again here, yeah? Just the Equals sign there.

The Equals sign lives next to backspace on your keyboard. So we position our active cell, that's our dark border, to the cell we'd like the result to be returned in. As you can see, I've got the property.

I hit Equal. Now, Excel works with cell references, now I could enter 120 minus 115, that would work, but instead, what we do, as soon as you hit the Equals sign, I use my mouse and select the cell, so I'm going to say, that, by clicking on it, that. I then hit the hyphen with the Minus sign, and then click on the cell I'd like to subtract from that one.

I simply hit Enter, that gives me five. Doing that one more time, equals, click on the cell I'd like. That minus that, clicking on it, Enter.

Equals, before, so it picks up the cell just as soon as you click it, minus, that, Enter. Simple subtraction, now the subtraction is the Minus sign, your multiplication in Excel is your Asterisk or the star on the number pad. Shift and eight on your keyboard will do a similar thing.

Your addition is your Plus sign and I'll do a basic addition at the bottom over here real quick. I'll hit the equals sign once again, click on my first cell, addition sign Plus, click on the next cell, addition sign Plus, click on the next one, Enter. To do a simple division, I'm just going to move one cell below that, I can now hit the equals sign once again, of course remember, always Equals first.

I click on my total value and I can say divide by, now, divide is your Forward Slash. You can see there a Forward Slash, and I can say take that total and divide it by three, and that gives me five-hundred and forty-five divided by three. A little note there, when working with formula in Excel, note this Excel returns the calculation result into the cell.

To see the formula, you have to look into the formula bar at the top. As you can see with my total, that way I can see the formula, the formula bar at the top, similarly with all the others. That's how to do a basic subtraction, basic addition, and basic division in Microsoft Excel.