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How To Do 1930s Makeup

How To Do 1930s Makeup

In this VideoJug clip, freelance makeup artist Mandy Jhamat will show you how to create a fabulous 1930's look in easy and simple steps!

This is how to do 1930's makeup! In the 30's, the skin was very matte, very rosy cheeks, always red lips and a thin eyebrow. We have already started with the base - very matte, neutral base and the eyebrow has been softened. We are going to draw an eyebrow and then do the lips and cheeks.

I am using a red blush. This is going to be for the cheeks and a stipple brush which is quite nice for the cheeks. So, just dab the red in there.

The cheeks were very much in the kind of apples, very soft. So, this is quite a bright red. If you just dab where you want to place the color first off, and then in kind of circular motions, you really want to buff it in.

If you did not want to do the whole 1930's look, you could take elements from this - just the cheeks or just having the brows or the lip shape which are all quite distinct shapes. Okay, those are the cheeks done. Next, we are going to do the eyebrows.

Whether you are blonde or dark, the eyebrows will always lead to dark brown. So I am using an eyebrow pencil. The shape of them was very rounded and quite thin.

Start in the center. They were also raised quite high and the arch was really in the center. So, nowadays, the arch is towards the 3 quarters away along.

The arch was really in the middle, definitely not a natural brown that we are trying to create. They were very thin, very exaggerated, very arched. Now that we have finished with both the brows, we are going to start on the lips and the lips really mirror the kind of rounded shape of the brows.

There is really no Cupid's bow in 1930's lip, so I am just going to draw it out first. So if you have got an accentuated Cupid's bow like Al has, you just want to soften it. And the way that you can do that is by really rounding the edge coming into the Cupid's bow.

The bottom lip, we begin very curved, and it is kind of a little bit shorter, so not so elongated on the edges. For the lip cover, we are going to use an Estee Lauder rouge, and I am going to mix in some of that blush that we use because it has a slightly orange tone to it. Using the lip liner in the beginning is really key to defining the shape of the lips that you want and then all you are doing with the lipstick is filling that, filling the shape in and blending it up to the lip liner.

This is quite nice here because it is with the red that we are putting into the lip liner. It is creating a kind of red-brown which was really the kind of colors that they would use. Not so much blood reds.

Again, this is a nice lip shape that you could team with a more modern look on the rest of your skin, keeping the skin quite simple with maybe just some rosy cheeks, if you did not feel like incorporating the brows. The brows are quite a statement. And what we used with the brows was actually some brow wax to set them and then we put foundation over the top.

So, we have just finished off the lips, created the classic 1930's shape and then the whole look is finished off with just a dash of mascara, only on the top lashes. And that is how to do 1930's makeup!