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How To Do 3D Graffiti

How To Do 3D Graffiti

You may already know graffiti lettering, but this one is on 3D. This is a simple illustration of how to do the basic 3D graffiti which you can practice.

Hello, this is Julian from Graffiti Kings, London and I want to show you my version of 3D graffiti. Scribble stuff, right. You could go for whole thing with perspective and all that stuff.

But personally, I like to just go a bit a little more free form. So, what I would do, I would do like to use a lot of curved layering. With this one, I'm going to go more kind of square and keep the edges a bit more straight, a bit more rigid.

So, I want to write the word “graf,” keep it quite blocky and then basically add the 3D afterwards. So now, once I got my, basically our forms are established and then just hit it with some little bit of, you know, like a light shading almost like always think of superman there, it's blockbuster stuff. I'm going to keep this one quite linear or quite straight.

Here, give ourselves space I leave in because I do want to see the 3D, I would probably do less of a lot of letters. Right, so less of the letter just so you can see the 3D, okay, and just keep it quite angled but still it's a bit more uniform rather than the angles kind of everywhere, almost diagonal rather than that angle and angle, so it's, there's a bit of steadiness to it. Okay, basically, that's the word “graf”.

What I'm going to do now is just chop up a little 3D effect just on the outside. So, we are going to do in there the drop 3D like with the black. This one is almost a cube, shaping it so it's almost like a 3D shape.

And now, there's a lot more complex 3D style you can do by just, you know, just by going to start in that hole and keep it where it's quite easy to grasp. You know, same thing, keep things who you are, form diagonal and in the same way, it's quite easy to follow, hopefully. You know keep who your guys are in that way.

Pay attention to your little edges, it's because the little extra lines inside just show you okay, if this was actual 3D, the light coming from this way would be different where the light coming from that side would be different. So, you know, you keep all the same edges kind of facing that side underneath. You know, it kind of stops yourself when you know too much.

I want to keep it quite simple just so you can not take 6 months coloring it or filling it. So, that's the basic element. You know, kind of very basic without getting too complex on the interior of the edge, we're just going with the outside 3D and then I might just do something like, just shade away from the edges just to give it a bit more of an obvious, the dark in underneath.

So, the sides are all a little bit of shaded on them. Just all on the downward facing handles. I'm now coloring it over the lines.

I hope you get the message we get there, you know, the style. And then it helps that the front lane, whatever color it would be, we're having the darker shades behind it. It helps those to come forward, so you see we have to find that rim standing off of the dark 3D shaded.

So again, I'm just putting little pockets of darkness inside the lettering. It helps define and associate with the letters. So wherever it has a hole in there, just give them that corner in there, just enough to help you let it stand out.

And I'm just going to just put a little bit of shading still, looks like it has that kind of heavy fill. And then the whole day, we just tarnish it. So I just want you guys to just get the freedom of which way it's going and hopefully you can get enough of a 3D feel from it because it's just the sort of thing that I use to practice in my sketchbook.

And then to add to it, I would mark a few things because sometimes I see, like on package and even you see on posters and stuff, you see this really heavy lettering like that it's made out of some heavy steel or something. And it might be something just as simple as putting rib bits. So it looks more like you're thinking some kind of robot.

This is not a lot, it just adds to that metallic feel or like a drain cover or something, they just ha