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How To Do 3D Nail Art

How To Do 3D Nail Art

How to do 3D nail art: This video "3D Nail Art" properly demonstrates the step by step correct way to create nail art design. If you're ready to learn how to do it, then this is the video for you.

Hi, my name is Reena. I'm from Nail Creations. I am going to show you how to create nail art design, nice and simple.

Let me show you how to do 3D nail art. We are going to work on the thumb. We are actually going to bend these because they are 3D, and they're raised and you get the full effect when you actually apply on to the nail.

We are actually going to cut them to size because they're long. We are going to cut them to size so they fit the thumb nail. So it comes in a clear pack like this.

We want you to position it to where you prefer it to be. You are going to cut off this side so you get the pair of scissors, and then you take that away. And we are going to prior it away with a pair of tweezers.

You do have to be very careful with that, so you don't lose any liquid stools. It comes away like this once you position it onto the nail bed. You do have to make sure you don't actually touch the bottom, that's where the glue is.

Once you're going to position it onto the nail bed and then press down, just make sure all the corners are pressed down properly. Best way to seal this is a very good top coat, and work with the top coat and use quite a bit of it to continue to build up the layers. The best thing to do and the best way to do is to blot down and to just cover each and every crystal.

And if there are any air bubbles, you make sure to work around its side. You can move in circle movements. Make sure the seal ends are sealed.

Keep working it, keep working it. Let that set and let that dry for probably a minute. Then I would go over it with a top coat again.

The more top coat you add on to it, the longer it will last. The 3D nail art can last you up to a day. Use on your signature finger.

It is not meant to be for all the nails. So it is just for a special special event, just make sure you apply a good top coat and it will last long as it can do. .