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How To Do 80s Hairstyles

How To Do 80s Hairstyles

There are many 1980's hairstyles which were really trendy and easy to do on your own at home with all the mousses and hair sprays and hair products which can help us when we want to create a new look.

We're going to do a 1980's look today. So what we've started doing, is we just really randomly curl some pieces of hair in large sections with the straightening irons. We do not want to create too much curls, more like a soft wave in the hair, and to create a little more madness in the hair, we're going to section off the back area first.

In the 1980's, it's all about using a lot of mousse in your hair, lots of hair spray, lots of scrunching, lots of backcombing. So what we're going to do here is take sections of hair, you're going to backcomb with your fingers. We want more like a scrunch backcomb rather than a proper backcomb, and then each section, just spray as you go along.

Take the next section and just be really random with your section and we're going to hold the head quite firmly and use your thumb and finger like you're backcombing the hair just with your fingers. So you create almost a little bit of curl with a lot of scrunching in between. You're just going to do this to all of the hair till it gets really, really big.

And what you find is by doing with your fingers, you create some sort of structure in the hair but in between all the curls, you have this nice sort of back comb defects. Alright, once you get to the back of the hair and you've created all your back combings, so now, you can actually put a shape, any sort of shape in there that you want. What we're going to do first is spread the hair upside down and you want to spray underneath.

This is actually where you want to hold. If we spray the hair on top you end up creating a sticky film on top of the hair but with no support underneath, so this is where you need to hold. As you pick up your sections and spray but make sure the can is about a foot away from your hair or as long as your arms can reach.

Alright, that's settled, and then, throw your head back, and there you have a really big 1980's hairstyle. .