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How To Do A Beehive Hairstyle

How To Do A Beehive Hairstyle

The "beehive" hairstyle is a popular hairstyle that originated in 1958. This hairstyle was also referred to as "The B-52", which is why singer/songwriter Kate Pierson from The B-52's always sported her beehive hairstyle. Amy Winehouse is the most recent celebrity to bring back the look of the Beehive hairstyle. Follow the quick and simple steps in this video, and you can be on your way to Beehive stardom!

Okay, my name is Lauralyn from the Braiding Lounge Academy in London. We are about to show you a quick version of how to do a beehive on someone's hair. Okay, so we are going to part the hair from ear to ear.

I'm going to section that forward bit away from the back half of the hair. So now, we are going to put the back half into a ponytail. We are then going to make a little concoction with some synthetic hair and a piece of net.

This is going to form our mold for our beehive. It is a bit of a cheat, but it works. So we're going to take what we've made out of the mold for synthetic hair with a piece of netting and we are going to pin that to the midsection of the client's crown.

While you are pinning it, you are pinning it to shape it in the shape that you desire, and also the height of the bump will be determined at this time. We are then going to begin to take sections of the hair and back comb it, with a fine tooth comb. First, take a section from the middle, back comb it from the root halfway up the hair shaft, and allow it to fall over your molded bump.

We are then going to repeat that on either side of the mold. And as you can see already, you can begin to see the shape of the beehive forming. So you carry on this process of back combing the hair, so you can begin to smooth it over the mold that we have made.

We should cover the three sections with the hair that we have just back combed, roughly. You can secure this with a pin. That is not only going to leave you a section at the front that you can use to smooth over what you have already done.

I'm only slightly back combing these sections of the front because I want them to remain fairly smooth for me to maneuver. But again, each section that I back comb, I am then going to tease and mold over the rest of the beehive, using hair spray as any way you see fit. I'll continue to mold this over the back of the beehive.

And so, we just pin up the side sections. As you see each section that was back combed, as I back combed it, I have been molding it up into the beehive area. I have secured it with a bobby pin.

Okay, and then we take the front section up, and after it is giving you an option to sweep it to the sides and around the side of the beehive, we are going to be incorporating it in, rather than leaving it out. And we are going to be securing that section with a bobby pin, as well. And that is how you do a beehive.

Okay, so there we have the beehive. Okay now, you can make it as high, or as broad as you want it on your head. The shape of it depends on the look that you are looking for, okay.

But that is basically just how you do a quick beehive by stuffing the hair. .