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How To Do A Bmx Wheelie

How To Do A Bmx Wheelie

You have to know how to ride a bicycle and also follow some instructions from an instructor if you want to do a wheelie but you have to be very careful.

Hey guys. I'm a BMX stuntman and I'm Mario and I ride for Team Extreme and I'm going to be showing you some BMX tips and hints. We're going to look at how to do wheelie on a BMX bicycle.

Now, wheelie is probably one of the first tricks amongst the popular tricks that anyone has heard or ever knows and it's not necessary just on day and night. You can do it on any bicycle but today I'm going to show you how to do one on BMX. There are several types of wheelies that can be done.

They've got different names. You've got a peg wheelie which is what it is if you do wheelie on the peg. The back peg standing usually your leg is balanced.

You have your regular wheelie which is kids do everyday. They're up the air and they're peddling along in bikes like this. You've got what's called the manual which is more of a straight move for BMXs.

It's actually a rolling wheelie which doesn't involve peddling, which involves putting the bike up on the peddles. You put your body weight behind the seat, you actually roll with the wheel, slightly off the floor but it goes for ages when you've got the balance point correct, but the wheel stays. It's just a basic sitting down wheelie.

It's one of the most comfortable to do. You can just pick the bike up, you sit on the seat and away you go. But to get to that stage, you need to know few things.

So we're going to talk through that and see if we can get you doing wheelies. Right. The first step to actually doing a wheelie is you're going want your bike in this position.

You're going to be sitting down and you're going to be peddling. So you need to find your sweet spot on the bicycle basically. Now to learn a wheelie from scratch, the first thing to do is just ride along in quite a slow pace and you've got to pretty load your body, you've got to kind of crouch down a little bit, you're going to putting your weight.

Your front foot is going to be pushing down on that peddle. At the same time as pushing down at that peddle, you want to lift up on the bars and lean back slightly. Don't over lean or you'll just pull straight off the back.

So basically, you want to be riding along, you're just going to do that movement. Hit the peddle down, lift up from the bars. Now that's your first step to doing a wheelie.

Your second step is to find your sweet spot. Now to do that, you're going to need to start peddling. So you're going to lift the bike up and you're going to try to give it one crank at a time if you can.

No one is expecting you to do twenty peddles down that direction. Just lift the bike up, try one crank, get under control and let it drop back down to the floor. Then eventually, you just build up when you build up on your cranks.

You will, you'll find your balance work and you'll just keep going. So for example, you'd lift up. Also a very important thing is to use your brake.

If you feel the way you lifted the bike up, your body is going to go far back you're going to fall off, just slightly hit your back brake. What that will do is that will stop the bike and it will stop it from going back any further. You would actually want to push it down.

So then you want to do the opposite. If you feel the pain down to far, you need to lean back more on the seat. When you do a wheelie, try and sit on the back of your seat, not too far back but literally on this section because that will give you the balance point a lot easier than if you crouch for than sitting in the front of the seat.

And that's how you do a wheelie. .