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How To Do A Breathing Meditation

How To Do A Breathing Meditation

Learn the ancient Indian techniques of Pranayama Meditation and Relaxation. Get yourself fulfilled with energy, and experience a new powerful connection between your body and your mind.

Hi, my name is Sunita Passi from tri-dosha where we're specialists and training providers in Ayurvedic massage, nutrition and meditation. And I'm looking forward to telling you about how to transform your life with a variety of different techniques. I'm here to tell you about Pranayama Meditation.

Pranayama Meditation is a traditional system of meditation, is also known as Yoghic Breathing. It can actually be practiced on its own, as a system, for relaxation, and it can also be intertwined with other meditation techniques to relax the body further before you actually go in to new meditation techniques. Prana and Yama are two separate words.

Pranayama as a whole is a Sanskrit word. Sanskrit is the ancient language of India, and Prana means Life Force, so it's the life force within the body. Yama actually means Expansion, so it's the expansion of the life force in the body.

When Pranayama is practiced systematically and correctly with true intention, it can bring about a very deep state of rest. It also connects the individual at a very, very deep level and it can bring about many of the changes in clarity. When practicing Pranayama, it's very important to focus at what is pure or what is true.

And what this actually enables the body and mind to do is to let go initially of frustrations, to let go initially of any kind of negative vibration that is in the body and then to actually also let go of the ego. By letting go of those things, we are able to actually filter our body systems and bringing very positive thoughts and actions. These very positive thoughts and actions are then able to be utilized to manifest better things in our lives.

So that's really the intention behind this system of meditation. And in order to practice Pranayama, it is something that you can do at home; you can buy a DVD or a CD which helps guide you through these techniques or you can see a house of teacher of Pranayama. The intention of a teacher of Pranayama is to firstly give you some theory which is routed in traditional Vedic texts or old Indian text, and this philosophy is intertwined with specific breathing techniques.

It's the power of the TWO that actually gives you the system. When practicing Pranayama, it is important to remember that your breathing must be very natural and very slow. It's also important to remember that Pranayama is not a mechanical exercise.

So there should be a transmission of energy that follows through your body as you practice this discipline. I hope you have enjoyed learning about Pranayama and I look forward to tell you about other meditation techniques. Thank you.