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How To Do A Bun Using Hair Extensions

How To Do A Bun Using Hair Extensions

If you have hair extensions and are tired of the same old ponytail, then try making a top bun. Tatiana Hair Extensions will show you how.

Hi. I would like to show you how to do a bun using hair extensions. We'll do one which is the top bun.

We'll do it on the top section of the hair. If you've got quite a lot of hair extensions in and you're bored of simple ponytail or simple half up, half down, that's a great one for spicing your hairstyle up. It's just sectioning the top half of the hair.

It's important to have a hair band ready as we will need to tie it in a ponytail first. If you wanted for a more casual romantic look, you can just pull a couple of strands here and leave it out. We can curl it afterwards.

Again, if your hair extensions are fitted quite high up, just don't do the ponytail very high, just make it slightly lower. Make sure you grab all the attachments. If you're doing this style yourself, use the small mirror to have a look, you know, at the back.

Make sure nothing is, none of the attachments, is showing. And before the last turn, we just leave it. Leave this loop so we don't pull it all the way up.

So, just leave it like that. And that's when we start twisting. We need to have a few little grips, as well, ready.

They will help us to fix our bun. We just need to start twisting and turning different ways. The more creative you are, the better, really.

Doesn't matter if you can't see what's happening there because then the finishing touch is important, but the actual process, as long as you feel it's secure and it stays, that's good enough. For something more casual for work, if you need to keep your hair off your face, makes you look really sort of popular. Don't try to make it too neat, otherwise it can be sort of trying-too-hard kind of thing.

The more casual looking it is, the better. The cooler it is. Just do one more here.

You can use a touch of hairspray to fix it if you want to. This hair can be curled. This hair can also be integrated into the bun.

You can twist it all the way around if you want, if you want all the hair off the neck or shoulders. Or we can leave this hair and curl it afterwards to extend the whole look. And that's how to put your hair up in a bun using hair extensions. .