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How To Do A Cartwheel Step By Step

How To Do A Cartwheel Step By Step

Impress people and amaze friends - learn how to perform a cartwheel, from an expert himself, James McGranaghan, managing director of James Gymnastics Academy.

Hi, guys. In today's video, I'm going to show you how to do a cartwheel. I've got Ryan here with me, and he's going to show you, step by step, how it works.

The first thing you need to know about a cartwheel is what leg you need to start. The way to do this is a technique called the falling tree. What this does is that it teaches the gymnast what leg the cartwheel is actually going to start on.

All Ryan's going to do is he's going to put his arms by his ears, he's going to lean forward to a point where he feels he's going to fall, and the leg that goes out to stop him will predominantly be the leg he will use to start his cartwheel. So, Ryan, if you'd like to demonstrate for me? He leans, so by that, we know that Ryan is going to start on his right leg to do his cartwheel. Stage two is, obviously, we need to determine whether the gymnast is strong enough in his arms and shoulders to support the body weight.

The way, you can do this, a technique called a bunny hop. So, what Ryan's going to do - he's going to crouch down to the floor, and place his hands flat down onto the floor in front of him. From here, he's going to lean over his hands very, very slowly, and he's going to try and kick his bottom with the backs of his soles.

Off you go - excellent. The whole idea of this is that the gymnast does not need to bend their arms. The minute they bend their arms, then they're going to fall face first onto the floor.

So, the idea is that they keep their arms, their elbows, and their shoulders nice and tight to demonstrate the bunny hop. Stage three of the cartwheel, once you've determined what leg of the gymnast you're going to cartwheel on, and whether they're strong enough to actually support their selves up for a cartwheel. Now, we need to get them used to the direction a cartwheel will move.

So, what we're going to do in this one, we're going to do the bunny hop, like we did in stage 2, however, this time, Ryan is going to turn his hands to the sides in the direction he's going to cartwheel, and he's going to bring his legs round to the side to finish facing in the opposite direction. So, Ryan, if you'd like to crouch down for me, he crouches down into his bunny hop, he turns his hands to his side he's going to move, swings his legs around the sides, to finish in the opposite direction, and that's stage 3 of your cartwheel. Stage four is a little bit unorthodox, okay, normally, people wouldn't teach this.

However, this gets the gymnast used to an actual cartwheel movement. So, in this stage, we're actually going to show the side bunny hop, like we did in stage 3, but Ryan, this time, is actually going to open his legs and try to land on one foot, and then on the other, in the motion of a cartwheel. So, like stage 3, Ryan crouches down, places his hands to the direction he's going to cartwheel, spins his legs round the side, up, one foot down, then the other, and there's stage 4 of the cartwheel.

Okay, the next stage of your cartwheel - we're actually going to use a training mat, this is actually a cartwheel mat, one you can buy from online shops. However, if you don't have one of these, you can obviously cut out little tin plates of hands and feet, and you can place them onto the floor to the direction. So, what we need to do with the mat - we need to turn it round properly so that Ryan knows exactly what leg he's going to cartwheel on.

So, to start his cartwheel, what he's going to do this time is he's going to kick his right leg into the air, and then go through the first four stages that we just showed you. He's going to kick his leg in the air, hands down, to the bunny hop shape, to land one foot, then the other, hopefully, we're going to have a near perfect cartwheel. So, Ryan, if you want to stretch out for me? He kicks his right leg in the air, his hands go down, legs apart, one foot, then the other, and there's your cartwheel.

Okay, the final stage is the cartwheel. Obviously, the m