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How To Do A Chakra Meditation

How To Do A Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditation is a great way to get in touch with yourself and the world around you. Follow these steps from VideoJug to perform chakra meditation.

The chakras have very specific energetic relationship to who you are and who you are in your life. First chakra, very much related to your tribe, your sense of belonging, your rootedness to the earth. Second chakra is really about your emotional center.

It's also your creative center, so we tend to fountain emotions and creativity. Third chakra, the seat of the self, this is where the self lives. This is our horror.

This is where our power comes from into the world. Depending on how we feel about ourselves, this chakra often gets affected. If we feel fearful, if we feel threatened in any way, we usually feel it right here.

Another interesting aspect of the third chakra is it's also the place where we hold paradox. It's the place where we live with the fact that we can be incredibly powerful in this world but also incredibly vulnerable. The fourth chakra, probably the most familiar chakra for most people, the heart, we all know where our heart is.

The fifth chakra up here is really about the way that we express ourselves into the world, our voice. How clear are we with our communication? Sixth chakra up here is about spiritual connection. It's about having a connection with something more than ourselves - spaciousness, clairvoyance even.

Seventh chakra up here, the crown, is really our connection with the sun, the moon, the stars, the heaven and all that is, something more than ourselves in a very, very profound way. So, for chakra mediations, we sound, we make a sound, and we hold our tension into the chakra. So, for the first chakra, the root chakra down here, the first thing we do is we bring our awareness into that point of our body and then we make the sound.

And for the first chakra, the sound that we make is like this. For the second chakra, just here, the sound we make is “O”. The third chakra, up here, can be sounded as follows, “ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma”.

The fourth chakra, up here, we use the sound, “ah”. The fifth chakra, up here, we make the sound, “ay-ie”. The sixth chakra, up here, we make the sound, “E”.

The final chakra, the crown chakra, we make the sound “whom”. Okay, so, now I've been through all the seven chakras, to actually perform the chakra meditation in its complete cycle, what you would do is go through all seven chakras with those sounds. Then you do it for three breaths in each chakra coming up and then one breath in each chakra coming down. .