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How To Do A Cool Water Experiment For Kids

How To Do A Cool Water Experiment For Kids

School experiments are always fun. Ever tried some nice and cool water experiments. This video would demonstrate some water experiments which can be done with stuffs used in our day to day life.

In this video I am going to show you how to do some cool water experiments. For the first two experiments you would need some water, a large beaker, a small cup, a lid from any sort of tub and a drinks can.

We are going to start by balancing a coke can.

So you need your drinks can, a small cup and your water. So you need a cup of water. You need to pour that into the coke can.

Then we are going to balance it on this area of the can. You would feel there is like a ridge just there. So, find that ridge and there you go, one balancing coke can.

Now for our next experiment, we need the large beaker, the lid and again some water. Fill the large beaker, not all the way to the top, about that much, and place the lid on top. Now you need to hold the lid, nice and flat against the top of the beaker.

And then holding it all, very securely in place, flip it all the way over, like so. Now we are going to take our bottom hand away. So do it nice and steadily.

You would feel if it is going to go. When you feel it is secure, take your hand away.

For our next experiment, we will need an empty drinks bottle, some water, some scissors, a puppet and some paper clips.

We need to start by making our diver. For this, take your puppet. You are going to cut it, around there and get rid of those.

So we have got this sort of bulb at the top. You can also use a pen lid and just fill the end with some blue tag. Next, we need to put some weight on it using our paper clips.

So you put those, slit them on to the open end. They probably need about four. Put these on them like that.

Then, I am just going to demonstrate using this water in the cup.

You would fill you bottle with water and then you do this in the neck of the bottle. But I am going to show you here.

What you want to do, is squeeze the air out, put it in, so that it would bob around with just the very top sticking out of the water. So that is what you do in the bottle and then put the lid on. So you would end up with a full bottle of water like this with the diver just at the top.

Now, the trick is that we are going to make this move this up and down inside the bottle, simply by squeezing. So if you squeeze the bottle, you will see it will go down. And then if you release, it would go up.

So you can experiment on how slowly and how gently you squeeze. Just nice and gently, so you could control how steadily it goes down.

And that is how to do cool water experiments.