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How To Do A Cute Ponytail

How To Do A Cute Ponytail

Throwing your hair back in a plain ponytail is easy, but not everyone knows that it's just as easy to make their ponytail even cuter. In this short video, you are given two easy techniques to make your hairstyle stand out. So watch now and get started!

I will show you how to do a cute hairstyle. Divide the hair into a parting and divide into sections. Using this device, we'll be twisting the hair.

So each section, divide into two. You clip one end in, another one, we twisted each section, then twist it back together. And to secure it, we need a hairband.

To make it more funky, we can use different colors of hairbands or beads to put at the bottom of the style. You can do it without using the device. Make a section.

Divide it in half. Twist each section, same direction, really tight. Now, I'll show you another cute hairstyle by using two French plaits.

One will be coming from this side, one from the front coming towards the back and then, I will join them together. So, what you need to do again is divide a parting, and starting from this side, we clip the hair away which we won't be using at the moment and we start working from behind the ear. Section divide into three.

Keep your sections nice and clean and do a French plait by adding a strand of hair each time you're crossing sections over from the top and from the bottom as well. Make sure your sections are nice and clean. Once you reach the end, use a clip to secure our existing French plait.

And now, we're going to do the same thing on the other side. Okay, take a section of the hair from the front. Divide the section into three and start plaiting, each time adding the hair either from the top or from the bottom.

Always make sure your sections are clean. As you come to the end, we will join the two ends together. We will try to overlap the same sections from each hairstyle.

So the end ones together, then the middle ones, then the other end, so now, we've created three strands of hair again and we will plait it once more. You can add accessories. Just give it a bit more touch.

And this is how you create cute hairstyle. .