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How To Do A Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

How To Do A Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

If your hair is dry or losing its shine, this deep conditioning treatment can help to bring that life back into your hair. Follow a professional as he demonstrates the techniques to deeply condition your hair for a better shine and luster.

I'm going to show you how to do a deep conditioning treatment. First, you need to clarify the hair, making sure it's really clean. Today, I'm going to the Alterna Clarifying Shampoo.

Then afterwards, I'm going to use the Alterna Ten shampoo, which will be a moisturizing shampoo. So, there's no point in doing a treatment on your hair if it's got build-up or product, or chlorine, or anything like that on your hair. We want to make sure all of that is removed and your hair is really clean before you put any moisturizing product in the hair.

I'm just going to wash the hair now, twice, the first time with the clarifying shampoo and the second time with the moisturizing shampoo. Once you wash your hair, it's full of water and your hair can only absorb so much product, so what you need to do is towel-dry the hair. Because the hair has been shampooed twice and it's wet, it's in a fragile state, so what I'm going to do is just towel-blot the hair.

So that means you're just really squeezing the towel onto the hair. What you don't want to do is start rubbing the towel into the hair. It will get more matted and also you'll cause more damage to the hair.

Make sure you really towel-blot the hair. You want to get as much as the water out as possible, so when you do your treatment, the treatment will build into the hair. That's about dry enough now.

We have it dryer on the ends, so when you use your product, start applying it on the ends first. Just use a small amount and, if you need it, apply more afterwards. Using more product does not make your hair get better conditioned.

Some people think if they use a whole pot, their hair will be healthier, and it doesn't really work that way. It's not the amount of product, it's the quality of product, and also the whole process of making sure the hair is dry enough to absorb the product. I'm just going to pat that into the ends, and you can see all of that absorbing now.

I'm going to use a little bit more and work further up the hair shaft now. Most hair products should absorb within five to ten minutes. Your hair stops absorbing a product like this after about ten minutes, so leaving it on longer might not necessarily do anything better for your hair.

But, after ten minutes, it should all sink into the hair. Then, what you can do after that is you rinse off the treatment and finish off with a conditioner, and that will just help seal the chemical layer a bit further. That's how you can do a deep conditioning treatment for yourself. .