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How To Do A Deep Meditation

How To Do A Deep Meditation

One can do 'deep meditation' following the instructions given in the video. The instructions are given clearly, the listener finds it very easy to follow. The techniques are given in such a way that every one can do it in their daily lives and it is interesting to note that these tension-release techniques culminate into self-realization.

Hi, my name is Sunita Passi, and I am from a company called Tri-Dosha, we are specialists in training in Ayurvedic Therapy and also Meditation, and we supply products and treatment to some luxury spas around the world. There are many ways to meditate and I am here today to talk to you about the few of the different meditation techniques you can bring into your life, in order to feel happier and healthier. I am here to tell you about techniques to go into a deep meditation.

Deep meditation is very very different to typical meditation. Typical meditation can generally be done anywhere, you don't necessarily have to have a quiet room for general or typical meditation and it is something that allows the mind to switch off to calm down, recharge the batteries you can carry on with the rest of the day or rest of the day you can have it on hand. Deep meditation on the other hand, allows your body to actually go into much more deeper state of rest, you are basically one stop away from the rest you will experience when you sleep at night, and in order to experience deep meditation, your room and everything needs to be in a much more controlled environment.

So the first thing you need to do is actually find a room that is completely silent and is away from every one. One of your focuses needs to be actually switching off all of the elements literally around you, so you are going to switch off your sight, you are going to switch off the noise around you, and all of your senses should slowly slowly be going to stand still. And this allows the experience to be completely inert, so that there is an inner experience, an inner journey and you allowing your body to feel to release stress, release nervous tension, release exhaustion, at a much deeper level.

When you find yourself in this kind of precision, thoughts slowly start to disappear. There is immense amount of clarity seems to come to your mind over prolonged practice, and your awareness is heightened to the level, where fans of this system actually say they feel that they are looking down on the world, that they are actually observing everything from outside the society as a world. This allows you to really switch off from everything that surround you and here is a time where you make a decision on something which is particularly useful because it allows you to gain clarity in a much more focused way.

In order to really achieve this type of meditation is not the cases of just switching your senses off, you also need to control your breathing in a very systematic fashion, and actually by utilizing the two, you are able to take your body into a much deeper phase. It is also said that if you practice this style of meditation on a regular basis, it allows you to connect with your true self. By connecting with your true selves, it brings lots of answers to your life's realization.

Lots of life realization comes to you. So there are lots of reasons to going down this path, and at times, it may seem a little bit painful, because the journey has to exert yourself in a way you wouldn't do normally. The end result, fans say has a profound impact on the way they lived their life and also as the way they actually they see everything around them.

I hope you have enjoyed listening to me speak about deep meditation and I am looking forward to tell you more about meditation techniques. Thank you. .