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How To Do A Foot Massage

How To Do A Foot Massage

Massage can be a wonderful way to relax and de-stress your muscles and joints. This video provides some useful techniques for carrying out a lower leg and foot massage.

Hello there, my name's Sunita from Tri Dosha, and I'm here to tell you about lower leg and foot massage, and also show you some specific techniques that you can try at home. Now, lower leg and foot massage is an absolutely fantastic massage. It's great for relaxation, it's great to de-stress the calf muscle, it's fantastic to push oil into the joints in the toes, and it's also very good for anyone with swollen ankles.

It's great after a flight, if your legs are feeling particularly cloggy, and it's great for mums-to-be; it's one of those treatments that you can still have, it's not contraindicated for pregnancy, which means that you can really enjoy this type of massage. You can have it every day if you want, and it's something that you can give to partners, to friends, and to family at home. So, some of the techniques that I'm going to show you.

First of all, the best thing is, if you don't have a massage bed, you can actually have the person that you're working on, you can have them just lying on a normal bed.

You need to sit at the end of the bed, or at the end of the table, on a comfortable chair, and you need to have their feet slightly off the top of the bed so that they're pretty close to you. Also, it's a lovely sunny day here today, but generally speaking, you want to have them covered up, have them nice and warm so that they feel really relaxed, really chilled. Now, first of all, you want to just make sure their feet are clean before you start the treatment.

So, unless you're going to do a foot soak at the beginning, the best thing is just to take some wet wipes, which you can pick up from Boots, from Superdrug, from any shop, and actually just quickly cleanse the skin, the feet, go in between the toes. Make sure you're happy, make sure they haven't got any allergies that you might pick up. Clean both feet.

Work all the way round. Again, just go in between the toes. Once you're happy with that, you're going to take some oil, about 15 ml.

Warm it in your hands, and then again, you're just going to apply it over, up to the knee, come down behind the calf. Massage it into the foot. Same on the other side, so a bit of oil.

again, over the knee, down.

Okay. We call this Effleurage, technically, but what you're doing is just pushing the oil into the skin, applying it all over the body so that you get a nice consistent flow. You're heating the skin up and improving the circulation before you start to use any massage techniques.

So, what I'm going to show you are just some simple techniques. The first thing that you can do, with both your hands, is actually slide up to the knee and come down and go across the foot. So, slide up, come down, and go across the foot.

Slide up, come down, go across the foot. Slide up, come down, go across the foot. Okay? Five times at least.

Another thing that you can do, is actually push the oil into the knee area. So you're just massaging the knee as you push the oil in around the sides, and this really starts to nourish the actual kneecap. You're starting to push the oil into the joint, so you're oiling the joint, which makes it more lubricated.

And then, again, you can massage into the leg, so deep pressure from the ankle up to the knee, five times. You can do that as many times as you want. It's very relaxing, and it also improves the circulation.

Something else that you can do is, at the feet, you can actually push the oil into each of the joints, and then stretch the toe. You're going to do that for each toe, pushing the oil into the joint and then stretching the toe. Again, this just relaxes and mobilises the toe joints.

And then one of the other things that you can do is actually focus on the foot. So, we add heat to each side of the foot. We call this friction rubbing, where we actually hold the foot firmly in one hand, and then actually move our hand up and down on the other.

And then the other thing that's really nice to do is