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How To Do A Formal Updo Hairstyle

How To Do A Formal Updo Hairstyle

Have a formal occasion coming up and want to find the perfect hairstyle? In this video you will learn how to style your own hair into a formal updo.

Today I'm going to be taking you through a series of videos that include haircare tips, style and product knowledge, and how to use certain hair equipment. In this video I'm going to be showing you how to do a formal updo. A little bit of hairspray.

This is a working hairspray, it's really flexible, it back combs hair lovely and also brushes out really easily. So I'm literally just getting the comb into my root. The more you do this, as your foundation work, the easier it will be to put your hair up and the bigger the style will be.

So literally it's almost like you want to create a spongy technique out of your hair. And I'm going to try and get this relatively smooth so it's easy for you to work out how to do it on your own hair. So your back combing should be nice and even and almost sit up from the head.

So as you can see, get a really smooth base. Keep an eye on the top as well, you get a really nice rounded shape through that section. Now, left hand, hairspray in your right.

I'm right handed so it'll be a lot easier for me to hold all my products in my right and my brush, and just hold the hair in the left. Now that is holding all that over. Next, take long kirby grips and you're going to section and secure the hair, interlocking all your pins all the way up.

This hair is all going to come back on itself and come back upwards. While you're brushing this back, in your left hand, keep an eye on how that front section is sitting. As for the top section, this can all get kind of tucked away now.

I'm left with quite a little bit here because of the length of my model's hair. So what's I'm using is the end of my brush to kind of neaten that all off. I'm just using the long pin again, just tucking that all in.

Now, just stick a pin in there. Tuck that away. Now I'm just leaving a few little ends out just purely to make it slightly less neat.

So now that you've got that in, literally just using the palm of your hand, and a little bit of shine to make it nice and glossy. And that is how you do a formal updo.