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How To Do A Freezing Beer Magic Trick

How To Do A Freezing Beer Magic Trick

http://easybartricks.com Freeze a beer in two seconds. Cool magic trick with a beer. Freeze a beer in two seconds. Pure magic.

Step 1: Freeze a beer in seconds.

Welcome to a video presentation from EasyBarTricks.com. In this video, I'll show you how you can freeze a beer in just a few seconds. As you can see, I have two beers in front of me. So let's try it with one of those.

Step 2: Observe the beer freezing.

As you can see, the beer is fluid. But watch carefully because in a few seconds it will be completely frozen. I hope that you can see that the fluid beer has turned into ice.

Step 3: Prepare and execute.

This trick is very simple but it takes a little bit of preparation. Take a beer and place it in the freezer for three to five hours depending on your freezer. Now the beer is almost freezing and when you hit it with another bottle, it releases a lot of carbon dioxide. This will ease the pressure within the beer and make it freeze instantly.

Step 4: Done.

I hope that you will have fun with this trick. It's a great trick for parties that you host yourself. If you like the trick, be sure to stop by our website. It's EasyBarTricks.com. We have a huge collection of free bar and magic tricks on video. See you at EasyBarTricks.com.