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How To Do A Front Handspring

How To Do A Front Handspring

Handsprings are a basic gymnastic move that require great strength in the shoulders and arms, and therefore never fail to impress. In this video, learn how to handspring, and also the essentials for using appropriate form.

Hi. My name is Desmond Aspill, and I've been teaching gymnastics for 20 years. And today we're going to break down some of the difficult elements of gymnastics so that it's more approachable.

With Tekne Gymnastics, we try to make things more approachable, building confidence and making gymnastics fun. Now, once the gymnast is strong enough to do a front handstand hop, then we can start putting the whole thing together and have a handspring, making sure that when you drive forward, your head is in between your arms, and looking forward, going on to the next handspring as he forward tumbles. So, off you go.

It's very important for the gymnast to have strong shoulders. A lot of conditioning, a lot of exercises to help build the shoulders will get us to this point. So, one of the exercises that we do is the front part of the, the first part of the handspring, the shoulder push, which Philip's going to show you.

It's very important to have a nice long line, and a very good, strong push from the shoulders. So, off you go.