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How To Do A Gel French Manicure

How To Do A Gel French Manicure

Gel nails are hot among the manicure trends these days. It's longer lasting than other nail treatments and it helps keep the nails strong and healthy. For a demonstration of the process, this is how a gel French manicure is done.

So, I'm going to show you how to do gel sculpture pink and white. So, tear a few sculpting form, take the middle part out and then just tear the end and fit it onto the nail underneath the free edge. Okay, then just make sure that it is nice and snug under the free edge of the nail.

We're going to apply a primer to take the oil out of the nail and make the gel bond to the nail plate. Cut quite a lot of your gel on your brush, roll it up with the brush first and then start pushing it down over the free edge to create a nice small line. Literally, all you're doing is patting the gel into place.

If you're too rough with it, it will just come straight off onto the brush again. This first coat, all you're concentrating on is getting your small line nice and neat. And then, it cures in the lamp for 2 minutes.

Okay, then, we is going put on the second coat of white. So again, quite thick, roll it up with the brush, first of all, and then just dab it up to the line of your first gel. So, this second coat, you're concentrating on the tip of the colour, make it nice and even, just to make sure that the tip is nice and even in thickness and the colour.

So, we've put the white in twice now, so we're going to put the pink over the top. So, pick up a bead of gel, roll it up with your brush onto the stressed area and then just dab it across the nail and over the white. Pick up some more gel, roll it up with the brush and then just dab it into where you want it to go.

Gel won't dry unless it's onto the lamp so you've got quite a lot of time to play around with it and just make sure you leave a nice margin around the cuticle area. And just before you put it in, turn the hand over so the gel comes to the hand and create a nice curve. So, this is repeated twice.

Okay, it goes into the lamp for 2 minutes. Just really carefully, take the sculpting form off and then wipe over with nail varnish remover. Gel has got a sticky coat in that you need to remove before you start filing.

Okay. So, we're going to start filing. Always use the softer side of your file with gel because it is quite lightweight, okay, and then you can start filing around the cuticle area, just making sure that that's lush to the nail plate and then just finish off by lightly buffing over the whole surface of the nail.

Okay, so just finish off by putting one more coat of pink or clear, just a really thin coat of nail polish over the whole now to bring the shine back. So, push it up to the cuticle and then that goes into the lamp again. So, take it out the lamp and then finish off just by wiping over with nail varnish remover to take away the sticky residue and go on over with some cuticle oil.

And that is gel sculptured.