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How To Do A German Accent

How To Do A German Accent

A voice coach and actor gives viewers a brief introduction on how to speak with a German accent. The coach replaces sounds that are spoken in the English language and replaces them with sounds that would be pronounced by a German speaker.

Hello, I am a actor and a voice coach.

com. Here are some tips for working on your voice. Now you may want to do this because you are in a play, or maybe you want to impress your friends, or if you're learning German practicing your German accent while you are speaking English might help you with your accent while you are speaking German.

Whatever the reason playing with accents is a great way to exercise your voice and speech. Now the key to any accent is to isolate the sounds that are specific to that accent. So lets start with the German W and V sound.

There's no difference between them. They both sound like v. So lets listen to this (in German accent)"Why is the voice like wine?".

With an English accent thats "Why is the voice like wine?" but now its (in German accent)"Why is the voice like wine?". Notice also that on the word "the" in "the voice" the t-h sound has changed to a zed. In fact its very common for German speakers to change the sound to a zed or an es.

This is because there is no t-h sound in German so they get the best suitable sounds from their native language. So try something like this, (in German accent) "Thank you so much for this" (repeats 2 times) So that's (in German accent) "Thank you" instead of "Thank you" and (in German accent) "this" instead of "this". It also helps me when I do my German accent to make it a little bit more hissy or breathy sounding.

This is technically called devoicing. So listen to this in an English accent first of all, "I need these big beds". So you hear how buzzy it is at the end of the word.

"I need these big beds" and now in German "I need these big beds". That's "beds" almost like a t-s at the end. Very hissy.

"I need these big beds". Now its a bit of a stereotype to say that the Germans are more serious or correct than other nationalities. That's probably not strictly true but as an actor it does help me to imagine myself being more correct and strict when I put on the accent.

That seems to help when I do it. I don't know why. Now of course I can't give you a whole picture of a German accent in a short session but that's a general overview.