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How To Do A Greek Hairstyle

How To Do A Greek Hairstyle

Tired of the same boring hairdo? Lucy Tuck from Marc Anthony will show you how to make this enchanting style with just a hair band and a few bobby pins.

Today I'll be showing you how to do a Greek hair style. So, first, we're just going to brush all the hair back so it keeps it nice and sleek, so it looks quite head-hugging with the Greek style. Just keeping it nice and smooth through the top section and we're going to be tightening it up through the sides.

I'm just applying a small amount of spray because you still want to be able to move the hair. And then, with this type of texture of hair, you don't have to take really strong sections with strong lines. So, just roughly, what I would do is section by the temples, just behind the ear, to create a fair ship, which I'm going to be plaiting.

With the first section, I'm just taking a small section just by the temple line and we're going to start the first part of the plait, which is a normal, three-piece plait. Just working over and over again. After each section, we're just adding a small piece into one of the sections of your plait.

So, again, adding a piece and just bringing it into the plait. And then, once you start to finish just behind the ear, just carry on finishing off the three-piece plait without adding any more hair in this time. So, we've finished that plait off and what I'm going to do is just leave that there for a second.

I'm going to mirror the same plait on the other side. Right, so I've mirrored the same plait on both sides, so we've got exactly the same. If you just cross over the two sides of the plait, pull them nice and tight just to really secure that look.

It gives you a really nice shape through the back section. You still want to keep it nice and head-hugging through the top, that way you can add any hair bands, anything like that, into it, just to give it more of a Greek look. Just by adding a normal Kirby grip, just secure the ends of the plaits into one another so that you don't see any ends of them and they all blend into one.

You can leave the hair nice and loose, but today, what we're going to do is make more of a shape of this bottom section so that it all flows quite nicely through the back. Pop that in a low ponytail to keep it nice and simple so that it's really easy to do at home. So, just apply a normal hair band.

So, by taking the end of the ponytail and using your fingers to roll the hair back up on itself, you can then start to secure some pins through the bottom section of it, just so that horizontal roll stays onto the head. Nice and tight through there. You just actually put your fingers into the middle of the roll and lift it back up on the hair and it will hide that ponytail because we don't want to see that anymore.

So, again by using some Kirby grips, just take it on the inside section and just pin it into the head again, so it keeps it nice and secure. And that's your finished look! Okay, so just to summarize: you've taken two sections through the temple area and done our plaits, crossed over through the back section and pinned in, the nice ponytail through the bottom that we rolled up, and then rolled it back up again just to hide that hair band. Okay, and that's how to do a Greek hairstyle. .