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How To Do A Guided Meditation

How To Do A Guided Meditation

There are specific techniques involved in guided meditation. This video will guide you through the techniques, and teach you how to do a guided meditation yourself.

Hi. My name's Sunita Passi from Tri Dosha, where specialists are training providers in Ayurvedic massage, nutrition, and meditation, and I'm looking forward to telling you about how to transform your life with a variety of different techniques. I'm here to tell you about guided meditation.

Guided meditation is a meditation technique that you can do yourself. You simply need to learn some specific techniques to help guide you through the process. The first thing you need to do is sit comfortably in a chair, or on the bed, or in a futon.

Just make yourself very relaxed. Close your eyes. If you want to wear an eye pillow, that's also a really lovely thing to do that allows you to start to switch off all of the senses around you, and go into a deeper state of relaxation.

And then I want you to inhale. So you need to inhale to the count of five, and then slowly exhale.to the count of five. I want you to continue that inhale and exhale five times, and this will actually allow your body to start to slow down and relax into the technique that you're actually going to bring to it very soon.

Once you feel that you've achieved that groundedness, once you feel that you've relaxed and you've started to actually enjoy the silence of lying still, I then want you to focus on good will. So, here you need to focus only on good things. So, first of all starting with yourself, all the good things and good will that you want to bring to yourself.

This could be in any form. This can be from a personal level, this can be from a work level, this can be from a vision that you have in your head. But to focus on the good will, so that you start to feel the power and the energy of that good will working on you.

Once you feel that you've tapped into that energy, once you feel that you resonate with that energy, I then want you to start passing that good will onto the other people close to you. You need to start off with people closest to you, so whether that's your partner, whether that's your family, whether that's your friends. The good will needs to spread.

So, slowly start wishing good will, start wishing good things to friends, family, acquaintances, partners, that are close to you, that are important to you, and you want them to feel and resonate with the power that you've brought to yourself. Now, as you sit here, you continue your breathing, you continue the power of the positive thought, you continue growing in your awareness, and from this positive power of thought, you should start to feel the happiness that starts to circulate within you. This positive manifestation of happiness is then spreading, and it's spreading to the people around you.

Keep lying comfortably, keep sitting comfortably, and keep passing on that good will. From here, keep concentrating on the breath. As you inhale, I want you to think about the breath, blowing through your throat, down into your chest area, into your diaphragm, into your legs; actually start to follow it.

Feel the power of your breath as your alertness increases, as your awareness increases, as the love, and the peace, and the happiness that you're spreading continues to move outward. Continue to feel the flow as it goes through you, continue to feel the strength that it brings to you. Keep guiding this meditation through you onto others.

The whole essence of the guided meditation is to bring peace and happiness to yourself, and to as many as you can of those that are around you. So, as you savour the sensation of all the awareness, the awareness continues to grow, I want you to slowly bring your realisation back to yourself. So, from this huge awareness that you've created, slowly start to bring the awareness back to yourself, so moving the energy in from your friends, your family, your colleagues.

Moving it slowly back to your body.Feel it slowly circulate through your feet, through your legs, through your digestive tract, through your arms. Feel it flow around y