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How To Do A Hair Color Rinse

How To Do A Hair Color Rinse

Brad from Color Nation London Hairdressers shows everyone how to do a hair color rinse on hair that is already highlighted. Using a hair color rinse will allow the client to keep their highlights along with a new color.

Today, I'm going to show you how to do a hair color rinse. The reason why I am doing a rinse today is because we want a change in color but we have pre-existing highlights here and we want to keep the highlights. So, what's going to happen after we process is that we are going to have an auburn color all over but where we had our existing highlights before is going to be a lighter version of that color.

Now, because I'm using a semi-permanent, I use an applicator bottle. I'm applying it to damp hair, just making sure it's evenly damp right the way through, and I'm leaving the hairline out. I'm going to come back to that and do that last just so that we can keep it nice and clean.

So I'm just making sure that I'm taking fine sections right the way through so that we are getting complete coverage on the root area. So once I've got full coverage on my roots, I'm going to go through and comb the color right through to the ends. And I'm just going to go through and make sure that I've completely covered that hairline and you can clean up any staining afterwards.

I'm just going to go right around the fore hairline and just check that it's all been completely covered. So, now that I've got one-hundred percent coverage of the hair, I made sure that the product is even right throughout the hair from root to end. I'm going to process it under heat for fifteen minutes.

So I've let my hair color rinse process for fifteen minutes under the heat. We've shampooed the hair, conditioned and blow-dried. As you can see, because it's a rinse, it's picked up on the highlights that are already in the hair so it's framing the face really well.

And that's how you do a hair color rinse. .