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How To Do A Kick Flip On A Skateboard

How To Do A Kick Flip On A Skateboard

One of the first moves every skateboarder learns after doing the Ollie is the Kickflip. Follow these instructions and get ready to make heads turn when you show it off at the skate park.

Step 1: Front Foot under Screws

Place your back foot on the back of the tail. Place your front foot so your heel hangs off at an angle and your toes are over the screws.

Step 2: Push Down And Slide

Push down on the tail with your back foot and slide your front foot up like an Ollie, but instead of an Ollie where you push down on the nose, you want to flick the board with your toes so the board does one full rotation once..

Step 3: Land On Screws

Catch the board with your feet. Place your feet over the screws and land.

It could be because you're not keeping the board underneath your feet, which is really important. A lot of people will try kick flips with their feet down near the end of the board. The board will just rocket up in the air. You want to make sure when you're kicking, your kicking out by the nose and not anywhere down on the flat.