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How To Do A Litmus Test

How To Do A Litmus Test

We all have heard of the Litmus test to establish the acidity or alkalinity of a mixture. Here is an interesting and simple way to do the Litmus test with household items.

In this video, I am going to show you how to do a litmus test. First of all, we need to make our indicator. For this, you will need a bowl, some red cabbage, a cheese grater, strainer, and some boiling water.

We need to start by grating our red cabbage. So grate it into a bowl. Once you got your cabbage chopped up, add the boiling water.

Just need that to stand for a little bit and then you need to strain it, so you get rid of all the pieces of cabbage. So there, you should end up with a purple liquid. And this is our indicator.

Now to show how it works, I have an acid and an alkali. For my acid, I have lemon juice and for my alkali, I have some dishwasher liquid. Using a pipette where you could just pour a little bit in, I am going to add some of my indicator to the acid.

You will see that the colour has changed from purple to pink. If it is very acidic, it will go red or if it is less acidic, it will go pink. If it remains purple, the liquid is neutral o,r if you add some to an alkali, you will that the liquid goes green.

If it goes yellow, it is very alkaline, if it goes green, it is less alkaline. And that is how to do a Litmus Test' .