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How To Do A Pas De Valse

How To Do A Pas De Valse

In this VideoJug film, Gillian Winn, Principal of West Hampstead Ballet School and professional ballet dancer Rhiann Keys demonstrate how to do the Pas De Valse ballet step. Gillian and Rhiann show you how to set up the step and how to acquire the perfect technique as you move through the step and into fifth position.

Now, I'll teach you how to do a pas de valse. This is a very beautiful step to do, but perhaps not that easy to do in a fluid way. But I'll break it down as slowly as possible for you so that you can get a handle on how to do it.

First of all, we're going to start in classical pose, so Rhiann's going to start in classical pose. We're going to do a little step to second and as you do a step to second, so the other one does a little developpe forward. Let's just do that one more time, so you do step in second, your arm comes down and that's it.

We just get that far. Try it one more time, step in second and a little developpe. Step down, developpe and then down.

The rhythm of the step goes down, up, down. So, let's try it one more time and as she does it, the arm goes up to an arabesque line, as she does it. So, leg goes to second and down, up, down.

Down, up, down. Down, up, down. When she does the pas de valse, what happens is she comes to a very gentle, little, fifth position.

It's not a forced position but the legs do squeeze together neatly. We'll just do that one more time to make sure that you've really got it. Shall we try it one more time, Rhiann? So, this is pas de valse just en avant.

And down, fifth and down, fifth. And down, fifth and down, fifth and. Thank you, Rhiann, that was lovely.

So, there you have it. There's the pas de valse for you. .