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How To Do A Passe Developpe Ballet Position

How To Do A Passe Developpe Ballet Position

Learn how to do the passe developpe ballet position, with the help of South London Dance Studios.

Again we're going to be looking at some bike tricks. Again, it will be something that you can do on most sorts of bikes, child bikes, mountain bike, road bike, BMX. We're going to look at hopping today.

Now you don't need your pegs to do this one. This is obviously something that can be done on a mountain bike, etc so we're just going to use the pedals. There are front hops and there are back hops.

I'm going to do 2 or three of each to give you a general idea on how to do this trick. First of all we're going to look at front hops. That was your basic front hops on pedals, to achieve this trick the first thing you do is to do an endo basically, so you need to approach the trick pedals level, medium speed, apply the front brake quite sharp, push your arms forward and lean your body weight back, so your bottom is almost behind your seat.

Your bike is going to be quite vertical at this point even though it won't be. It will be at about this angle, so you're going to stretch your arms out and lock them out, once you are in that position you will feel that the bike kind of find the balance point and this point it will stall and at that point you want to keep your front brake on and apply pressure to the pedals and lift up with your arm at the same time, your bike will do that and the key is to keep doing that for as long as possible. Start with one or two hops, build your way up, each time you do put an extra hop in, eventually you will be doing 4,5,6 hops every time, no problem.

Next up I'm going to show you some back hops, it's the same principle as the front ones but except you are on your back wheel, that was your basic back hops on your pedals, now to do this trick you need to approach it at medium speed, keep your pedals level, your best foot forward. You're going to do an endo to do this trick which will give you the momentum to rock the bike backwards on to the back wheel. There is other ways to get into this but this is the easiest way, you could even use a wall or a curb to ride your front wheel into that will cause your front wheel to come up.

As long as you got back brake you can come back and then start hopping, so basically you will go forward, do your endo, the bike will come up on itself, when it does the pedals will still be level and remember your arms will stretch with the front hop, it's going to be the same with the back, it's going to be in this position and once you've got to there you will feel the sweet spot and start hopping. The bike will come backwards on itself slightly or you can control the speed, the height of your hops and how many you want to do and eventually it's quite an easy trick but a very nice trick to do as well and a lot of fun. And that's your basic bike trick which can be done on any bike.