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How To Do A Poofy Ponytail

How To Do A Poofy Ponytail

Creating a poofy ponytail is simple with these step by step instructions, some hairspray, and a little bit of back comb. Take it from this hair expert from Rush.

I'm going to show you how to do a poofy ponytail. So, the hair is quite fine, so we need to put quite a bit of body in it. That's going to be for your back comb in.

You can start at either the back or the front so I'm going to start at the front today, work my way back to the back comb in, and then, we'll put in the ponytail. You don't have to be too neat with the back comb in because, you'll see, you're going to brush it up into the ponytail, anyway. It depends on what kind of style you want to go for.

If you want to go for something a little looser and Bohemian, then you can be quite messy with your back comb in. If you want to go for something a bit more neat and polished, then take a bit more time over it, with smaller sections. I'm just sectioning off the top part of the hair so I can get a good back comb on it.

I've gone for a back comb on the roots. Got the height that I want, now, it's all about putting in the ponytail and we can shape it afterwards. Got quite a good amount of tension on the hair there but not too tight because I don't want to destroy the back comb and make it too flat so I'm just going as tight as I want it.

I've just worked around the head, starting at the back, brushing it into my hands, moving it around. Now, I've got it into position. I'm just checking it central and I'm using the back of the brush just to give me a little bit of height before I secure the ponytail.

We can always go back through it afterwards and add more height if we need to. Now that I've got my ponytail in just roughly, I can go through with a comb lifting the roots and giving it some height. All right guys, I just want to hide where my ponytail is because you don't want it to be seen so, I'm just going to take a section of hair, making sure that it's thick enough to cover.

That should be perfect. What I'm going to do is wrap that around the base of the ponytail. I'm just going to wrap it around a few times and that way, I can hide where our pins are.

I'm going to smooth the ponytail out a little bit. Get the hair nice and tight through the underneath so it looks clean. Now, we can play around with the shape on top.

I'm just using the tail of my comb. Just create a bit of height in there. Get the shape that you want and then, you can just use hairspray to fix it how you like it.

I'm just going to go through and back comb the back. Give it some volume so it's not too flat in the back. I'm just picking up the hair and just gently press on it, teasing it at the roots to create a bit of volume, a bit of body.

Then, just smooth out the ends. That gives me a nice, chunky ponytail. Smooth out the ends.

There you go. We've got a nice ponytail, nice and tight. A little bit of height for the top.

It's really easy to do. It's just all about a little bit of back comb and hairspray your way.