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How To Do A Port De Bras

How To Do A Port De Bras

The Port De Bras is the ballet dance with movement of arms. It is a very graceful dance. Learn the technique of arm movement with Gillian Winn to dance gracefully.

Okay, so now, I am going to teach you how do a Port De Bras the fifth. Port De Bras is very different to just doing the position with your arms. It's about whole quality of movements, and it actually means courage of the arms.

So I will teach you the basic Port De Bras the fifth. Rhiann is going to stand closer to you. So, she is at the pretty angle and she is going to take her arms first and as she takes her arms to first, she is going to look in her palm.

And I often imagine the palms there is a little secret or something that you are keeping hidden. As she lifts her arm to the fifth, looking at that palm and she opens her arms, if you can just stop there a moment Rhiann. This is the moment in Port De Bras fifth, where you have to imagine the sunshine is coming in or you are letting the sunshine out.

But still looking at that palm and then gradually you turn your arms into seconds, so that your palms are facing slightly the floor and your elbows are lifted and your palms are lower than your elbows. And as you can see, her fingers are perplexed with her middle finger slightly in and her index finger slightly out. At this point, you reach out through your shoulder blades as if there is electricity coming out through your hands and then eyes thinking pushing through the water and just when you get that a little puff of air that, holding your elbows out.

So just to repeat that slightly quicker, your head starts by looking into your palm up through first to the fifth you led some light in. You turn your elbows and palms into seconds. You reach out and then you push through water and then you have puff of air at the bottom and then finally without me.

So, there you have your Port De Bras the fifth. Of course, if you do the Port De Bras fifth and you don't look at your hands and you don't really express yourself when you doing the Port De the Bras, then it is not a real Port De Bras, it ends up looking very flat. This is your moment to really performance really shine when you do Port De Bras, you need to think of something imaginary something beautiful that you are imagining and the whole thing will come alive and not just the positions. .