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How To Do A Russian Accent

How To Do A Russian Accent

A voice coach provides tips on how to perform a Russian accent. He provides three lessons on how certain letters should be pronounced to better create a Russian accent.

Hello. I'm an actor and a voice coach.

com Here are some tips on working on your voice!The key to any accent is to isolate the sounds that are specific to that accent. So when we're talking about a Russian accent, and I'm talking very generally here about, uh, the sort of accent you'll get in films about Eastern Europe and the former Soviet states. There are man- this is a huge area, so there are many accents that cover this part of the world.

We're talking about one specific one, a sort of general Russian accent. Now, the first sound I like to work with is the "l" sound. You're gonna have a really dark "l" right at the back.

So say "pull," "pull," "little," "pull" (Gareth pronounces the l as "ull") and that "l" is the "l" we are going to use for all our words. So when we say words like "love" it starts at the back: "love," "lemon, "limond," "Lovely lemon lind." This is the first thing I use for my Russian accent.

The second thing is Vs and Ws. Vs and Ws sound the same in a Russian accent, and it's sort of a cross between the two. So you don't want to be like Checkov on "Star Trek" and talk about "Wodka.

" It's not a "w," It's "Wudka", "Wudka" [In a Russian Accent]"What is wrong with Russian water?" [Repeats sentence twice]. OK. Next one is the "zed"

and "s" sound that you hear instead of a "th.

" So that on things like "This is the last one I've done," it's "Zis," not "This" but "Zis," so using a zed or an s instead of a "th." "Zis is the last one I've done." Finally, something that helps me with the Russian accent is stretching out the syllables.

So rather than saying "Brother," it' demonstrates "Bro-ther, Bro-ther. Eve-rything is much slower, slowed down like zis, so eve-rything falls out of the mouth, one by one." It might help you to have sort of montone, low voice as well; it helps me.

Of course, I'm sure not all Russian speakers speak like that, [in Russian accent] "but it helps me to to get to get ze voice to go really deep like zis.".