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How To Do A Side Hurdler Jump In Cheerleading

How To Do A Side Hurdler Jump In Cheerleading

Jumps are an important part of any cheerleader's repertoire as they show flexibility and skill, and add an extra level of excitement. Here VideoJug shows you how to do a side hurdler jump in cheerleading. Good luck!

Step 1: Gimme A "V"

First, throw your arms up into a High V position. Remember, the best cheerleaders always use crisp, sharp motions. So, snap your arms into place.

Step 2: Tip Toe

Keeping your arms in place, rise up onto your toes. But be careful… Keep your upper body still. Don't let those arms spread or your back arch. Hold tight!

Step 3: The Wind Up

Now, swing your arms inward and down in front of you, crossing at the waist. Then bend your knees, and get ready to push off the ground. Just as you go to jump, swing your arms outward in a T motion. Have your hands in blades or fists. At the same time kick one leg out to the side with your toe pointed. Your back leg is brought in next to butt, and your knee points forward with your inner thigh facing the ground.

Step 4: Snap Back

Now you've got to land without falling flat. Hit the ground with your knees bent. Place your hands beside your knees and keep your upper body upright.

Step 5: Stand And Deliver

For the finishing touch, stand up quickly into a clean position. Keep your hands tightly by your side and hold your head high.