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How To Do A Silk Painting

How To Do A Silk Painting

This video shows how to paint a design on silk using a cool paint pen.

My name's Alison Beck and I'd like to show you a few of the techniques of fabric painting. What you will need is a small amount of silk such as a silk handkerchief or a small scrap of silk. You'll need a design, an idea of what you'd like to put on to the silk.

You'll need a silk outliner pen and also the Marabu silk paints. I always use freezer paper to back the silk just to make it so you don't need to frame. I'm going to use an erasable pen and I'm going to trace through the design through the silk.

I'm just going to, now I've got the design onto the silk, I'm going to iron some freezer paper onto the back to keep it stable. We have to make sure that the shiny side of the paper contacts the silk. And now, we have to use the Marabu Contours and Effects Liner.

I'm using bronze. We just go around the outline that we've just drawn. If the lines thicker than you'd like it to be, you can actually buy some nibs to sit on the end which make it a little bit finer.

But you can draw your own outline or you can buy pre-printed outlines. They're available from silkcraft dot co dot uk and this one is without freezer paper but this one has actually got freezer paper lined to the back of it. You just put your paint in the middle and it spreads the line.

So, once it's finished, it looks like that and then you just cut it to the gold line and stick it with a Pritt stick onto a card. .