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How To Do A Sissonne

How To Do A Sissonne

There any different steps in ballet and all have different names. We have to learn each step carefully from a professional teacher.

Now, I'm going to teach you a sissonne which is a middle range allegro step and it actually means scissors and the reason why it's scissors, well, you'll see in a minute. The legs kind of shoot sideways or forwards and backwards. It depends.

You can do a sissonne in Arabesque or in second position. You can do it forwards or going backwards. In fact, you can do the sissonne on avant or on derriere or de cote and today, we're going to do de cote.

So starting in fifth position, we'll just do a little exercise at the bar so that you can get a feel of how your sissonne is going to go in the center. The main thing is that you'll need to hold your turn out very, very strongly because the legs slide in sideways in a minute. So, we're going to start with a Danny Pique and I'm going to ask Rhiann to do something most unusual.

She's going to move her hand slightly to the side because in a minute I want her body to catch up with her arms. Pique and move sideways and stretch. She's going to land on the right leg before the left leg.

We're going to try to do that again very slowly and close the second leg slower so that you can understand what the action is. Danny Pique and I'm just going to ask her to move her hands and then she's going to push off two feet but land on one and then slide the other one in. Let's do that again.

Quite slowly but shall we go with the other way this time, Rhiann? Pique and slide it in slowly. So, you push off two feet but you land on the foot that you're going towards. One more time, to the left, maybe.

Pique, push off two feet, land on the left leg because you're going towards the left and slide in. And now, we're going to do it a little bit quicker. Pique and there.

So, this is a sissonne de cote over. And now, Rhiann is going to show you sissonne de cote over but in the centre. We're going to start with the arms open in second but when she does the sissonne de cote, she's going to bring her left arm forward as her leg closes in front because as you can see her right leg is in front at the moment but in a minute, she'll have her left leg in front.

Danny Pique and sissonne and stretch. And then she's going to go the other way back again. Danny Pique, sissonne and stretch.

Danny Pique, sissonne and stretch. As you can see, the arm and the leg close together in a coordinated way and, of course, Rhiann demonstrated that absolutely beautifully.