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How To Do A Straight Ponytail

How To Do A Straight Ponytail

Straight ponytails are always a fashionable solution to hairstyling. Done correctly, a straight ponytail looks great with any outfit. With this short video, you'll learn how to style the perfect straight ponytail.

Now, I will show you how to do a straight ponytail. My model already has straightened hair. Before you start, if you've got any wavy, curly, coarse hair, use good serum to smooth the cuticles, straighten it through, then brush it using paddle brush or this Denman brush to a ponytail in the back.

Put your hair in a long ponytail using a half hand. To make sure that your hair will stay straight, use a straightener, straightening hair in a ponytail again, taking strands of hair and going on the hair shaft a couple of times so it will stay straight and smooth. While straightening, bend the hair slightly inwards, create an arch.

That way, all the cuticles and ends are pointing towards the hairstyle and makes the style look smoother. On blonde highlighted hair, even on curly coarse hair, I would use serum which you would rub into your palms and just run your fingers through over the hair to smooth it down. To make the top hair smooth, spray a bit of hairspray and smooth it down.

This is how you do a straight smooth ponytail. .