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How To Do A Turning Beer Bottles Trick

How To Do A Turning Beer Bottles Trick

Awe-inspiring trick revealed!. Win beers or money using this bottle trick. Fast to learn. You will find the ingredients at any party to perform this trick. Many more where this came from at http://funpartytricks.com

Step 1: The Rules

Welcome. Today I will show you a classic bar trick involving two bottles. You have to start with the bottles like this and end with the bottles like this.

The rules are you can only use one hand for the trick. And you can not have the bottles touch anything. So this is quite hard. But when you know how to start, you can practice and learn to do it and win some bets.

Step 2: The Trick Explained

So here's how to do it. First with one bottle, go down. Take it up like this. Twist and let the other bottle fall like this. Push it and there you have it. And that's how to go. Takes a bit of practice. But when you learn it, you can win a lot of bets.